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This highly user friendly application will make your lives considerably easier. Designed specifically for casual bracket users, it is incredibly accessible for all purpose use. With the highest quality graphics, it will be sure to brighten your day!

The high-tech product includes not only an UNLIMITED limit bracket maker but ALSO:

  • a timer

  • a result page

  • a superb rating system

  • predicted winners and losers

  • options for more advanced bracket producers

Brackets are no longer relegated to the sports world!

  • Have a long family weekend coming up? Start a tournament with all those board games sitting in your cupboard!

  • Want to motivate your students by running a tournament? Bracket can do it quickly and easily.

  • Keep your student or college athletes performing at their very best by making brackets within the team.

  • Track your team or class’s performance against other teams/classes on an immediate and personal level!

  • Make multiple brackets for the same event to predict many possible outcomes!

Getting Started!

  1. Select settings for overall bracket. Click “Begin” and choose an option: type of bracket, teams, seeding, and number of players.

  • If wanted, set up a timer for each game, or a time limit for how long the bracket lasts.

  1. Create individual players to the specifications that you want:

    • Click “next” and add player names. You can change settings for each individual player (seating, individual values).

  1. After setting up the bracket, it is time for the fun part!

    • On the bracket screen you may begin to select who wins each match, whether it is in advance or as people win rounds.

    • You’ll begin to see predicted winners and ratings as you move through the bracket!

  1. After you have finished using your bracket, you can create another one and it will predict the winner, using the statistics from the previous bracket.

Since brackets are so useful in daily life, yet difficult to construct, there are many generators at our fingertips to produce them and make the process easier. Our app stands out from the others because it is has many advantages that make it worth using; it can be applied to many different uses, such as events or group activities, and is considerably more manageable and easier to use than our competitors. Our app can be accessed from anywhere, as it can be used offline. The graphics are clearlier and more aesthetically pleasing than the various online bracket-producers, making it desirable for any person or age group.