InsideOut is a creative outlet for Lower Merion High School students to both inspire and be inspired by artwork. It serves as a platform to display and discuss art, including work within the Lower Merion Community and beyond.

Inktober 10/1 - 10/17

Inktober is an internet based art challenge that happens every October. Usually in late September, a list of 30 drawing prompts is posted in preparation for the one- a- day ink drawings. I’ve done Inktober several times, but I’ve never shared my art, or completed all 30 prompts, so this year is two firsts at once.

My process is pretty simple. I usually look at the prompt of the day and formulate some idea of what I want to draw. This is usually in the form of ballpoint pen doodles on my Chemistry notes, but hey, whatever works. Eventually, I’ll decide on one, and edit and redraw it in my sketchbook. My main medium is ballpoint pen, or Micron style inking pens if I’m feeling particularly fancy.

Overall, Inktober is/ was an awesome experience for me. It’s about being creative, and completing work. I actually hate a few of the prompts, for one reason or another. “Finished, not perfect” seems to be the motto of Inktober, and it’s one that I, as an artist and as a student, can get behind.

Isabella Rizzo

Benjamin Walsh