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Film Photo 3 Spotlight - Caroline Borgia

During our first two weeks of Film Photo this year, we were assigned a project based on a single word: courage. How do we show courage? What is courage to us?

My impression of the word was rooted in a well-known date ー 9/11. This project had been assigned the week of its 17th anniversary, and the majority of my thoughts for the word “courage” revolved around this date in time. I found images from 9/11 on Google and then merged and edited the pictures on Photoshop. While many lives were lost during the tragedy, there were also those people willing to do anything to help those affected. These courageous beings put their lives on the line for others.

So, why would I bring this up now?

Within the last couple of months, there have been multiple events that threatened and even ended lives and invoked fear throughout the country. Through it all, more voices are speaking out to address the causes. Society hasn’t stepped down ー we’ve had the courage to stand up

Benjamin Walsh