InsideOut is a creative outlet for Lower Merion High School students to both inspire and be inspired by artwork. It serves as a platform to display and discuss art, including work within the Lower Merion Community and beyond.

Welcome? - Violet Calcut

All too often, it can be easy to fall into complacency with art. There are so many different mediums, styles, and ideas to take into consideration that most are left behind in favor of furthering just one. Interesting and ugly experimentations fall to the foreground while cookie-cutter perfections become commonplace. Pretentious wording aside: just make art. Having a set goal in mind is great, but getting caught up in routines can make creating seem like a chore. I say this mostly because I spent hours using the stupid bucket tool in Photoshop for M.S. paint art. Speaking frankly 一 switch it up on yourself. Keep on exploring, use shitty stationary to doodle with, and consider going out on a limb to make something worthwhile. It’s surprising how scrawling with few goals can stretch your creative horizons.

Benjamin Walsh