InsideOut is a creative outlet for Lower Merion High School students to both inspire and be inspired by artwork. It serves as a platform to display and discuss art, including work within the Lower Merion Community and beyond.


InsideOut & bare are thrilled to announce Thrift, the fashion show coming in May!

The show is a hit back at big brands that seek to exploit the teenage psyche for profit. Thrifting begets a sort of individuality unique to its particular breed of shopping, and we hope that the student body will be inspired by this aspect of the fashion show.

But we need your help. Many of the looks will be made up of donated clothing. All profits and clothing donations will be donated after the show to The Covenant House Philadelphia, a local organization that houses and mentors homeless youth. This show is about youth, by youth, and, with our donations, for youth. Please donate all gently used clothes, including professional clothing, casual clothing, and shoes. The clothing drive will start today, February 26th, and will end March 19. Bring all clothing to Mr. Walsh’s room, Rm. 134.

The Covenant House has suggested both professional clothing (they work with the youth for job placement and expect that they are actively searching for jobs) as well as casual clothing and shoes. 

We would also like it if you have some funkier clothing to part with as well--we don't want to end up giving a bunch of teenagers some clothes with which they can't express their individual style (it's important to a lot of us and they might not have the means to find the clothing that would help them in this pursuit). If you have any jewelry or interesting textures, styles, fabrics, or cuts, those would be immensely appreciated as well.

Benjamin Walsh