InsideOut is a creative outlet for Lower Merion High School students to both inspire and be inspired by artwork. It serves as a platform to display and discuss art, including work within the Lower Merion Community and beyond.

Artist Spotlight - Davon Collins

I’ve had the opportunity to explore many different forms of art but nothing has impacted me more than film photography. My desire to feel and view the complexities of the world and those in it is expressed especially in my film photography. Learning how to develop pictures and using an analog camera required focus and thought that I just never gave to digital cameras. I can be in the darkroom making dozens of prints that have failed but when I finally get the perfect one, it’s all worth it.  Experiences like that helped me develop a level of patience and appreciation for the process. The greatest thing about shooting analog is that it forces you to slow down and dive deep into the conversation between you and the camera.

Benjamin Walsh