Artist Spotlight

Lily Guo

I began creating shapes and unrecognizable figures at a very young age. They were, perhaps, aesthetically pleasing to myself and my parents, but to others they were probably just marks and random spaces of color made by a child. But, it was never the finished product that satisfied me, it was the process. The physical act of creating the work gave me far more satisfaction and contentment than the finished product. As the years progressed, so did my skills, creativity, and passion. Although the aesthetic quality of my art improved, the reason of doing it has stayed the same.

Today, I enjoy exploring color & light and how it affects the world around me. I find myself pushing the hues to see how far I can take them in my paintings while still keeping a sense of realism. I’m hoping to someday create works of art that not only fulfill me as a creative person, but also engage audiences and become a vehicle for self-reflection and empowerment.


Benjamin Walsh