Artist Spotlight

Camille Haines

Camille Haines is our first Student Spotlight. Camille just finished the 11th grade and as a senior she is taking AP Art with a concentration in Photography. Her work is always searching for something deeper and more meaningful. The use of light as a focal point is clearly demonstrated throughout her portfolio. 

Working Portfolio

Eggs: An Exploration of Light 

Artist Statement

Currently as an artist I am exploring light and the way it changes and brings out personality in objects. “Exploring” is the important word here, often when I take on projects I do not have a final product or destination in mind. The joy of photography for me is experimenting as I go and being surprised by what I find along the way. Of course, these are not always happy surprises, but can be disappointments as well. That is ok, because learning experiences are just as important as the successful photographs. Photography is one of the few activities I do where I feel completely individualized and content in being on my own. I almost always would rather work on my own than with people, but sometimes this makes me feel alone and critical of myself, whereas in photography I know that when I am alone I am doing it right. This concept of working alone is also something that I am inspired by in other artists, whether they are musical artists or painters or literary etc. I appreciate the work they create, but I am most inspired by their sense of self. I hope that through photography, I can develop a strong individuality that people will be inspired by- and produce dynamic photos along the way.